Nuts About No Nuts (E-book)

Nuts About No Nuts (E-book)

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The recipe E-book you have been waiting for! My top 50 gourmet LFRV recipes, NO nuts, NO seeds. NO salt, NO oil!


This is an E-book, not a hard copy (Paperbacks are HERE!)

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After countless hours in the kitchen, and more than one year of work, Nuts About No Nuts is complete!

Have nut or seed allergies? Want low-fat easy digesting gourmet meals? Or just feel better when not eating nuts?

This is the book for you!

From the wholesome flavours of Ukraine, to the exotic tastes of the Asia’s, the spice of the Amazonia and of course the familiar flavours of your favourite American cuisine. With 50 of the most delicious raw vegan recipes spanning all types of cuisine this book is sure to please your tastes!

Along with each recipe, there is a mouth-watering professional photograph to both let your eyes guide you to your next meal, and to offer ideas to plate you dish in a way that begs to be devoured.

In addition to the 50 epic recipes and stunning photography, each recipe also has such information as how much the recipe will yield, how long it will take to prepare, and what appliances are needed. Don’t have a dehydrator? Don’t worry! Only 10 recipes use a dehydrator and I even give some non-dehydrator options. On top of that, the amount of calories and their ratios of carbohydrate, protein and fat has been calculated for each recipe.

Quality products take time, and this book will not disappoint! There are no filler recipes in this book, only the best of the best made the cut. These recipes have been tried, tested, and true enough people always ask if there is any left!

Enjoy detailed instructions, information on where to locate certain ingredients, as well as a fully hyperlinked navigation to flip through the pages with minimal effort!

After you have satisfied your taste for rich and savoury flavour with a main dish, you will want to save room for dessert! Did I mention the scrumptious desserts contained in this book?

Fruits and veggies have never tastes so good! You will love this book, I am sure of it!

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“Jon Kozak’s new book, Nuts About No Nuts, offers an excellent guide to a nut-free raw vegan cuisine though original gourmet recipes. I’ve been longing for this book to come out since Jon first told me about his passion to write it. As a teacher of fresh plant nutrition to parents and educators, I’m frequently asked for nut-free main dish recipes, which are rare in gourmet raw vegan recipe books. Numerous children, as well as adults, have allergies to tree nuts, and I’m often asked how to incorporate the raw vegan lifestyle into their daily routine when they can’t tolerate nuts. Nuts are very high in fat. I know from my own experience because I used to binge on nuts after first beginning the raw vegan lifestyle in 1994, and I endured the consequent health problems. Once I minimized the amounts of nuts and seeds, I began to enjoy the vibrant health we’ve all come to know this lifestyle offers. Jon’s innovative dietary strategy brings us appetizers, entrees, and desserts from a variety of cherished cultural cuisines. Jon’s use of the word “Raw” in recipes is pure genius and makes one even more drawn to trying each and every recipe, such as Zucchini Noodle AlfRAWdo, SpRAWghetti and Basil Balls, and ChickRAWnBalls and Sweet N’ SourRAW Sauce. The photos of every dish are stunning and make you want to prepare them upon first glance.  I’m enthusiastically looking forward to making this book available to my raw food coaching clients and families with nut allergies. I’m grateful to Jon Kozak of DoubleOrganic.CA for this blend of personal experience, practical nutritional knowledge, and nut-free recipes that enable us to reach our health goals on a raw vegan lifestyle.”

-Karen Ranzi, M.A.,  Author of Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods, and Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families,

Nearing a decade on a raw food diet, one thing I have really come to learn is that I feel my absolute best when I keep my diet low in fat and generally nut-free! Double Organic Jon has really delivered in spades with amazing recipes that are not only really tasty and satisfying, but also nut-free! If you want to get that gourmet taste without the nuts, oils, salt and heavy feeling that accompanies most fancy raw dishes I am sure you will love this book as much as I do!”

-Chris Kendall RHN, Raw Lifestyle Coach, Low Fat Raw Vegan Chef,

“This book is full of tantalizing culinary delights that will satisfy your hunger, provide pleasure, and help build better health. With many various healthy vegan options of low-fat, raw, gourmet worldly cuisine, these recipes are great for both transitioning to healthier eating, as well as for celebrations and special occasions. This book is very visually appealing (the pictures look edible!), and the easy-to-follow instructions will help guide you towards culinary success. If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, then this is one recipe book worth owning!”

-Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski, author of “Feel Good Now!”,

“Jon has created a master piece of art with his book ‘Nuts About No Nuts.’ This book is full of valuable information, stunning photography, and insanely delicious recipes that are sure to help change lives for the better – no question. If I had a book like this when I first went raw vegan, I would have saved myself a lot of gut-aches and headaches! Thanks Jon.

-Ted Carr, Vegan Coach

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  1. Anna (verified owner)

    I just frankly went through all the recipes in the book, and I cannot be happier with my purchase. I’m on this raw lifestyle already 9 months, but this book has more raw (low fat, nut free, +without any crazy ingredients) fancy recipes that I could imagine that exists! Definitely reccomend for newbies or any raw people that are looking for new tasty recipes. Also, I really appreciate all the different cuisines that the book provides, now I can enjoy meals that I always loved (for example from ukrainian or italian cuisine) in their raw version. Thanks!

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