I want to inspire you to become DoubleOrganic, and to incorporate the aspects of DoubleOrganic into your daily life so that you can experience outstanding health!

Simply put, DoubleOrganic means getting more out of your life!

To become DoubleOrganic we must have a good strong base, and a triangle or pyramid is one of the strongest geometric shapes. The four elements: Earth(food), Air(breathing), Fire(sun) and Water(hydration) plus a balance of the two aspects: Work(physical activity) and Rest make up the six areas of DoubleOrganic Health. The six areas of DoubleOrganic Health make up the DoubleOrganic Pyramid of Health.

Pyramid of Health(titles)

At the top of the DoubleOrganic Pyramid of Health, also called the Primary Level, is Earth(food). This is the first critical element that the earth offers us – We need to put the proper food into our body(our temple) to get the most out of life. The best fuel needs to go into our engine, we want a smooth running machine that never quits!

The Secondary Level of the DoubleOrganic Pyramid of Health is all about balance – a balance between Work(physical activity) and Rest. Too much work and we cant recover and we get run down, too much rest and we have no change or growth. For a vibrant life we must be active enough to make the body adapt and then rest enough to recover.

The Tertiary Level of the DoubleOrganic Pyramid of Health is comprised of the last 3 critical elements that the earth offers that we require for optimal health, Air, Fire, and Water. Air refers to both the quality of the air we breath as well as proper breathing techniques, the Fire is the sun which is very important for the health of our body, and it also feeds the plants that feed us, the Water is the last element of health and because it makes up a large percentage of our bodies we must drink pure water to have a pure body. These three elements may be at the bottom of the pyramid but they make up the strong support system that is the base of the DoubleOrganic Pyramid of Health. They make up the environment that we live in and work together synergistically to either promote health or take it away. If the Air is polluted, or if the Fire is lacking due to geographical location or lifestyle, and if the Water is tainted we can never achieve optimal heath.

Together, the three levels make up the DoubleOrganic Pyramid of Health. If one aspect or element is neglected the strength of the pyramid is forfeit. Strive for balance in your life and within the six areas of health that make up the DoubleOrganic Pyramid of Health and become…