Thanks for taking interest in DoubleOrganic🙂 By taking interest in DoubleOrganic you likely make health a priority. I did not always live a healthy lifestyle; in fact I was quite sickly for the first 20 years of my life. You can read my short biography and how I got my start with raw foods here. Since becoming vegetarian in October 2009 and adopting a 100% raw vegan diet in July 2010 I have experience a profound change in health. Some reasons for eating a raw vegan diet are listed here. I eat a diet based wholly on raw fruits and vegetables, with some occasional nuts or seeds. However, many products and foods are touted at being healthful raw foods. I have compiled a list of all of these apparent “health foods” here.

I hope you find everything to be informative and inspirational, and that you are motivated to eat more fruits and vegetables.

You too can become…