I first started coaching people locally when people in my community sought me out for guidance. Even though I did not formally offer such services I was happy to do just that – serve! In doing so I realised that it is both my passion and purpose in life to serve people in achieving better health; this is why I went to school for the last 8 years to become a doctor of chiropractic. The rigours of education have taught me to ask the pertinent questions about a patient/client, to diagnose and make a plan for management. My main priorities when taking on a client is that we will be able to work well together and that I will be able to help and serve you. My coaching style involves you being active in your care, after all I cannot live your life for you! I can only give guidance.

When I adopted a raw vegan lifestyle in 2010 I had no idea that it would change my life so much for the better: improved energy, digestion, and physical performance are just a few of the changes I have experienced. The positive health changes are why I continue to live and love this vegan lifestyle! It works and I love it! I walk the talk and I talk the walk as I say; The things I will teach you I have done for more than a decade. I do not make concessions in my health – this lifestyle works.

Sometimes adopting a new lifestyle is a big change, and people have questions that need answering, need guidance, or even just need some support and motivation. Each person is unique, and so are their needs! I have attempted to make my coaching programme options as diverse and unique as possible to best serve others. As you will read below I offer 5 different coaching options that are each designed to meet your specific needs.

I use my knowledge and experience as doctor of chiropractic to diagnose, manage, and treat, and my studies at university in Kinesiology – the study of human movement, which also includes human anatomy, human physiology, psychology, biomechanics and nutrition, and more. I constantly strive to learn as much as I can about the human machine and how we work so that I may apply my knowledge and experience to best help you. In addition to this I have experience in personal training for more than a decade and have done vegan food demos at vegan festivals as well as privately. I have authored several recipe books, and am a wiz in the kitchen. I bring all of this to you when I coach you.

I have been a student with what seems like “no time”, I have worked night shifts, I have worked in jobs requiring me to drive to new job sites daily. And I have always made it work, I am confident that I can help you overcome anything holding you back.

Here are some areas that I can teach you to master:

  • Raw/vegan food prep to save time and make raw and or vegan foods easy for your schedule
  • How to make raw/cooked vegan foods affordable for your situation
  • Eating in social situations
  • Creating your own raw/cooked vegan food meal plans
  • Shopping for vegan food
  • How to pack all of the food you might need for a day at work, etc, and how much to eat per day
  • Recipe ideas to fall in love with greens
  • How to always have ripe fruit
  • How to find time for fitness and make it part of your life
  • How to make fitness fun – no gym membership needed:)
  • Which exercises are safe, effective, and promote good movement 
  • Tips and exercises for improving your posture
  • Motivation techniques for raw foods and fitness
  • Breaking food addictions
  • Fixing sleep schedules and getting enough sleep

The 5 options to suit your needs:

  1. Quick Question
  2. 24/7 support
  3. Fitness Programme
  4. Full Programme
  5. Free Coaching

Quick Question

As the title suggest, you ask a quick question or two that I will answer in a 30 minute video chat session. This is the right coaching method for you if there is just one or two things you are not sure of, or maybe you need a solution to a specific problem in your life that is making it difficult to implement a raw food lifestyle.

A list of topics that are suitable for this coaching method are listed, but the list is not exhaustive!

Includes: ~30 minutes video chat session

Price: Currently this method is being offered by donation. Simply pay what you can, or base it on how helpful the coaching was. I sincerely believe that in the end it will all balance out. I attempt to make raw vegan coaching as affordable as possible to those who need it most! I am honoured to be at your service.

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24/7 Support

A catchy title, of course I am not able to stay up indefinitely! I love my sleep!

Ever wish you had a local friend that is a raw vegan to text or email each other? Be it for support, or to even vent your feelings about how the apartment stinks because you roommate cooked fish again. That is what this service is! Well… hopefully you use it for more than just complaints, and you use it to pick my brain! But I will be there to support you in any way needed.

This service is perfect for a new raw vegan who is full of questions. Maybe you forgot when a persimmon is ripe. The answer? Text Jon! Or maybe you have no idea what to make for dinner with a few random ingredients. The answer? Text Jon!

It should be noted that I live in the Eastern Time Zone and my normal waking hours are 6:00am-9:00pm or so. I only take on a set amount of this type, and any type of client to ensure that I am available.

Includes: unlimited text and/or email. Text shorter question, email longer question. Multiple chat/text platforms available for use. I can be expected to respond within minutes, or within an hour, although times can vary as is expected.

Price: $20 per month.

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Fitness Programme

As a personal trainer who studies sports science, exercise physiology, and exercise psychology, I have the experience and knowhow to design a fitness programme for you to fit your needs. We begin with a 1 hour consultation where I learn about your health history, goals, interests, and more – all of which are then used to create a custom programme to curtail to your needs.

I incorporate a wide variety of exercises into the programmes depending on individual experience and interest. I draw upon my decade of martial arts training, cycling, weight and body weight exercise, yoga, primal movements and other exercises that don’t even have names! I keep fitness fun but also challenging.

I can turn any household item into a piece of fitness equipment, or if you have access to a full gym that is great too! So whether you want to increase muscular strength or power, cardiovascular strength and endurance, flexibility or balance, I will fit it all into your regime.

Includes: 1 hour consult and a programme tailored to your needs.

Price: $60, individuals who purchase the fitness programme can purchase 24/7 support for a discounted price of $15 per month and I can be there every step of the way for your fitness and raw food needs and motivation.

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Full Coaching Programme

The full coaching programme includes aspects of the above coaching methods, but is much more in depth and personal. It includes scheduled video chat consults every week. Where the Quick Question coaching method is just that, a quick question that I answer that doesn’t require a client history, the weekly coaching consults are based on the client’s history and each consult builds on the last. I give the client “homework” to do and each week we meet and see what is working and what can be changed to help you reach your goals. Don’t worry however! I am always just a text or an email away, because the full coaching method includes the 24/7 support service as described above.

The full programme first starts with a consult to see where you need assistance with raw foods and or fitness. The consult is in depth and is integral to the coaching programme. We discuss where you need assistance and I will help you help yourself. We also discuss your goals; I ask certain questions to “pull” the goals out of you – goals that you may not realise you have. The underlying goals that will help you adhere to a raw foods lifestyle or fitness programme.

After the consult I develop an action plan, a step by step process. I give you homework as mentioned above, but this is fun homework so don’t worry! The homework teaches independence. I don’t “help” you, I don’t give you (all) the answers. I help you help yourself. Because you are truly the only person who can help yourself! I can give you all the answers and raw foods will be easy during the coaching, but then when we finish you would not have me to give you the answers anymore, and who knows what would happen after. But I teach you to be independent so that when you leave the nest you fly to new heights!

As we move through the action plan step by step together we gave a weekly video chat session of approximately one hour and get down to the nitty-gritty. What is working, what is not? We develop solutions to any challenges as they arise and make sure you are staying on track to reaching your goals.

In addition to teach raw food independence, I also teach the six aspects of the DoubleOrganic pyramid that can be viewed in depth here. The six aspects are Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Work, and Rest; or put another way, the food you eat, the air you breathe, the sun that cleanses your skin, the water you drink, and also exercise and all forms of rest, respectively.

The full coaching programme can be purchased in different lengths to best serve you, the ½ Package, the Full Package, or the DoubleOrganic Package. Additionally, a fitness programme can be added for half of the cost of the normal price, so it would be $30.

1/2 Package: $135 (includes 3 sessions, unlimited text/email. 3 sessionx40= $120 + $15 for 3 weeks of support).

Full Package: $240 (includes 6 sessions, unlimited text/email. 6 sessionx35= $210 + $30 for 6 weeks of support).

The DoubleOrganic Package: $420 (includes 12 sessions, unlimited text/email. 12 sessionsx30= $360 + $60 for 12 weeks of support).

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Free Coaching Programme

Many people need coaching, but many of those people cannot afford it or justify it given their means, I understand. This is why I offer the free coaching programme. It is essentially a mini version (shorter duration) of the full coaching programme, and it is my way of giving back. Basically you get my coaching for a month!

How do you apply and qualify for the free coaching programme?

There are just two things that you need to do:

First, send me an email introducing yourself and why you need the coaching programme (this is an informal applicaton).
Second, share what I do in some way on whatever social network you use, share my website, share my Youtube, or my Facebook or Instagram. Just let people know what I have to offer. No need to say that you are sharing to qualify for my free coaching, just simply share some aspect of DoubleOrganic with your friends.

Coaching starts at the beginning of the month, and one person from the prior month’s applications are selected.

Includes: 2 video chat sessions and 2 weeks of online support.

Price: Free! Just apply by email.

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