Picture of meJon Kozak, born in 1989 in London Ontario Canada is the driving force behind DoubleOrganic. He graduated with a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Western Ontario and is currently living in Portland, Oregon studying to be a doctor of Chiropractic. He is always expanding his understanding of the human animal, and how we can get the most out of our lives and bodies with evidence based science. DoubleOrganic is the place that Jon shares his experiences of thriving on vegan foods; recipes, fitness, motivation and more!

Before health, there was sickness. Living on a junk food diet from a young age Jon experienced hyperactivity as well as frequent headaches. If it came in a box, a bag or a can, it was food. Fresh foods were seldom on the menu and the result was weight gain and a diagnosis of both ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome. Doctors then put Jon on some very powerful medications which made things worse. Seeing that all of the other kids were much more fit and active, Jon could see that his food choices were not serving him. Small changes were made but it was not until when a vegetarian diet was adopted years later for the health of himself, and the environment, that progress began.

When Jon stumbled onto raw foods in 2010 he dove in and embraced the lifestyle with full force and thrived on a 100% raw vegan diet for seven years. As a result of eating plant foods, Jon’s health improved greatly in all of the six aspects of health, he has overcome his lifelong food addictions and in addition, his fitness has soared. After first going raw and removing salt and processed foods from his diet Jon experienced a great deal of detoxification. Since going raw, through functional fitness, martial arts, and cycling, Jon has transformed his body and has increased cardiovascular endurance and muscle mass. Always following evidence with an open mind, Jon is currently experimenting with adding cooked food to his diet.

The local raw vegan community was very small when Jon first became a raw foodist. However, over the years Jon has attracted more people to eat more raw foods and hosts potlucks and serves as a source of inspiration for many entering this lifestyle. The purpose of DoubleOrganic is to share the knowledge and experience that Jon has gained, and to help others become the best they can be!

You too can be DoubleOrganic!