The aspect of Earth is represented by this image of a seed. Everything we eat (or should eat more of) comes from a seed. The earth provides so many different healthy foods for us. Some grow above ground, some below.

Food is great. We LOVE food. However not all foods love us back as much as we love them! To master the aspect of earth will take some time. Some habits may need to be unlearned. For example: some people eat too fast, or eat too much, or maybe they even use food as a coping mechanism. Whatever the case, we can all learn to improve our eating habits.

The aspect of earth is more than just WHAT you eat, but when, how, and why. Here are 3 steps to start mastering the aspect of Earth!

Step 1: Food Journal

The best way to objectively look at your eating habits is a food journal. write down what you ate, comments on how well you chewed, what were you thinking about, how well it digested, etc. Do this for at least 3 days.

Step 2: Chew More

It is easy to rush your meals (especially if you are super hungry). Sometimes we only have so much time to eat before we need to get back to work. Slow down, chew more. enjoy the food. Doing this will allow you to eat less because the body takes time to send the signal of satiety. If you are shovelling food in it is easy to overeat which could lead to weight gain or trouble digesting and possible fatigue. Some recommend chewing 50 times before swallowing. It depends on what you are eating however I think 25 chews it more reasonable. Of course soup will be chewed less than some raw carrot.

Step 3: Try Something New!

There are so many foods out there. When I stopped eating meat, eggs, and dairy suddenly my menu started to include so many things I never had eaten before that I have eaten hundreds of plant foods I had never touched or heard of. So try something new! Not sure where to start? Try eating different coloured foods than you normally do.