The Aspect of Fire is quite easy if you spend a lot of time outside and live somewhere that is warm year round. This is not the case for most of us however. The aspect of fire of course refers to getting a healthy amount of sunshine to synthesise vitamin D in your body. However it is far more than just that. 

The sun also represents a clock, as we should follow the sun with our sleep cycles. I am of course referring to the equatorial sun that rises at 6AM and sets at 6PM. Therefore our sleep cycle should somewhat mimic this. Wake up around 5-7AM, finish eating last meal around 5-7PM, and then in bed around 9-10PM. Maybe 10:30. Remember, as kids we often wanted to stay up just a bit later. PLEASE MOM! 10 more minutes. Or was this only me? I know if I am in bed at 10PM I feel rested, if I am in bed at 10:30 I feel cheated. If I am in bed at 11PM I feel depleted. If I am in bed at midnight I feel deflated. 

Everyone will need different levels of sleep depending on their level of activity.

Here are three things to master the aspect of Fire.

Step 1: Daily Vitamin D

Vitamin D is so important, get it from the sun daily in the summer, and supplement in the winter. I have made some videos on vitamin D on my channel but you want D3. Take it every day, at least 1000 IU, up to 4000! 15 minutes of sun minimum. More is good, be safe, as falling asleep at noon with no shade and waking up at 3:00 is going to be painful!

Step 2: Follow The Sun

Shut the lights off at night. I promise you are not a night owl by nature, but rather this is learned. So many bright lights and computer screens, phones, etc. This stimulation keeps us awake later than we would like. Watching that one extra episode seemed harmless, but you pay the next day. In bed early and up early! CRUSH IT!

Step 3: No Crutches

Coffee is the number one crutch that people use to get through the day. OK it got you through the day. What about tomorrow? And the next day. Can you live without coffee? If you can’t this tells me that you are not sleeping enough, or your sleep quality is lacking. Ditch the coffee, and if you think your sleep game needs improvement I have some videos on my channel!