The aspect of work! This work doesn’t refer to your job. This is all about working out and being active, and also working on your self, your relationships. The aspect of work is self development!

Moving your body is so important. Natural movements are a big part of the aspect of work. They make you stronger, and also can keep you out of pain. Movement is also just plain fun, if you do not think exercise is fun I guarantee 100% I can teach you how to make it fun. If you are a novice I can guide you to gain more confidence. If you are more athletic I can help you take it to the next level.

Moving away from fitness, the aspect of work also includes working on your self. Becoming more confident, working on communication, working on relationships. Maybe even making tough decisions of who you include in your life.

The aspect of work is not easy, but it could easily be the most profound change you need.

Here are 3 steps to get you started on the Aspect of Work:

Step 1: Pick an Activity

First you need to decide what activity you want to do. Maybe it is something you loved when you were younger such as a team sport or maybe you were in gymnastics or martial arts as a kid.

Here are some suggestions:

  • group fitness classes (gives a level of commitment)
  • sports team
  • weight lifting
  • yoga (classes, or youtube)
  • martial arts
  • tai chi
  • swimming
  • running
  • cycling (road, mountain, etc)
  • crossfit or circuit training

I highly recommend group fitness to people who are new to exercise because you will learn from others and meet new people. However if you are shy that might be a barrier. There are female only classes too.

Even solo exercises such as cycling have cycling groups which are fun. Or get a friend to work out with you.

Once you pick something, do it! Try it out, at least once per week, and then more frequently. Give it some time, and if you are not a fan, try something new. Reach out to me if you are having a hard time finding something.

Step 2: Set a Goal

Setting a goal is great. It could be a fitness goal, or it could be a goal to food prep, or communicate better. Whatever it is, write it out in the S M A R T format.

S – specific: rather than lose weight, say lose 10 pounds
M – measurable(or meaningful): we measure weight loss in some sort of unit, other things are tougher (hence the meaningful vs measurable). Maybe measure your food prepping in minutes and how efficiently you can make several days of food. Of course recipes take different amounts of time.
A – action oriented: with fitness you might say 3 days per week, and schedule the days. With food prep you might shop on Saturday and prep on Sunday.
R – reasonable: the goal needs to be reasonable. If my goal is to take over the world in 2 weeks that is out of the question, I would need at least 3 weeks!
T – time-sensitive: give your self a deadline. losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks is great, 3 weeks is a no no, 20 weeks is maybe a bit too lax.

Step 3: coming soon 🙂