This is a simple recipe that tastes great on top of mixed greens – but it can also easily be turned into a great soup base as well! The sweetness of the oranges paired with the salty taste of the spinach goes well together. Blend either fresh squeezed orange juice or peeled oranges with as much spinach as is needed to reach desired consistency and amount of dressing. You can play around with this a lot, this is really just a base, more can always be added! This recipe will yield approximately 2 cups of dressing, adjust recipe accordingly if more or less is needed.


  • 1 cup of fresh squeezed orange juice (2-3 oranges should yield this)  [these could also be peeled and blended to keep the pulp, less spinach will be needed]
  • 10 oz of spinach


  • Add half of the OJ to the blender
  • Blend all of the spinach (add slowly if no tamper)
  • Add remaining OJ to reach desires consistency
  • To make this into a soup, simply change the ratio (more OJ less spinach)