When I first got into eating healthier I became obsessed with organic food. I think we all do to some degree. Every time I was sharing a meal with someone I would ask is this organic, is that organic?

Well, after months of doing this, when making breakfast with the family at my Oma’s (Dutch for grandma, I am half Dutch half Ukrainian) it happened! Let me tell you about my Oma, she was a stern lady! Lets just say that. However…. as she was quite sick and on pain meds, she was funny at times. Maybe it was the meds, maybe it was just because she did not have much more time with us and she was less serious.

When I asked her if something was organic she quickly chirped back


It was unexpected, and everyone laughed, and a few years later when I was creating a website and youtube channel… it popped into my head. It was the perfect homage! So now you know:)