Robert’s Rawsome Dessert Rolls

Robert’s Rawsome Dessert Rolls

MMMMMmmmm… Banana rolls. I love these so much! Just scroll down to read more about Robert’s Rawsome Dessert Rolls, and find the link to purchase.



Robert has created some awesome variations of his banana cinnamon roll recipe, and they are all in his new book Robert’s Rawsome Dessert Rolls. You will get his new 10 delicious recipes of different types of banana rolls. One thing that I really like about this book, other than the great recipes, is that it is priced fairly. I firmly believe in getting what you pay for, and you definitely get that with his book! 

Click HERE to buy the book off of Robert’s website.


Here is Robert’s description of the book:

Packed with 10 dessert roll recipes, Robert’s Rawsome Dessert Rolls is going to revolutionize your snack time like nothing else!

Each recipe is made with only a handful of ingredients and is simple as pie to make!

The Recipe Book comes in electronic form so you can easily read it on all of your favorite devices whether it be computer, phone, or tablet!